XKOTO's GRIDSCALE for SQL Server Released

New database virtualization software

xkoto, the database virtualization company, recently released GRIDSCALE for Microsoft SQL Server, which is designed to improve application performance, scalability, and reliability in SQL Server environments.

The GRIDSCALE solution virtualizes the database infrastructure enabling the distribution of application loads across multiple instances of SQL Server and the implementation of disaster recovery solutions. GRIDSCALE makes it possible for DBAs to upgrade hardware and software without an impact on system performance or uptime.

GRIDSCALE is licensed per SQL Server processor. Production licensing is based on the number of underlying SQL Server processors in a GRIDSCALE cluster. The price is $8,500 per database server processor; custom pricing for enterprise-wide license is also available. Pricing is the same for 32- and 64-bit versions of SQL Server. GRIDSCALE Supports Workgroup, Standard, Enterprise Editions of SQL Server.

For more information contact xkoto at 416-440-7001 or visit xkoto.

For more on SQL Server virtualization see Solid State Storage for SQL Server.

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