What Makes a Useful Poster?

While I'm recovering from surgery, I've been thinking about what makes a technology poster worth putting up on your wall? As I walked around TechEd last week, there was no shortage of posters available for all sorts of technologies. Some were mostly diagrams without many words, while others were almost entirely verbal. Even among the SQL Server vendors and at the Microsoft SQL Server pavilion you could find several different posters. Quest Software (my employer) had two posters out - one with a quick description of all of the DMVs in SQL Server 2005/2008 and with a description and syntax for all of the system stored procedures. My main criterion in deciding whether to put up a poster is whether it offers a quick look-up on information that I'd otherwise have to spend a long time thumbing through manuals (either physically or electronically) to find the information I need. So what's your main priorities in a) whether you even keep a poster, and b) whether you put one up on the wall? What are some topics worth putting onto posters that you've always wanted to see in print? Many thanks! I look forward to your feedback, -Ke

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