Web Site Gets Makeover

Many SQL Server Magazine UPDATE readers regularly visit the SQL Server Magazine Web site to access free content, get information that's free to registered users, and read the premium content available only to subscribers of the print magazine. To make it easier for you to find the information you're looking for, we recently rolled out a major reorganization and redesign of the Web site.

The SQL Server Magazine Web site has been reintegrated into the Windows & .NET Magazine network of Web sites. This change makes it easier for readers to search across content from multiple sources. For example, SQL Server Magazine readers now have much easier access to content about the Windows OS, Exchange Server, Web administration, Active Directory, and dozens of other topics that sister publications cover in-depth. When you go to http://www.sqlmag.com , you'll be directed to a URL that will include the winnetmag.com domain, but rest assured that you're still getting access to all the existing SQL Server content you've known and loved—along with a wealth of additional information. The new design also features easy-to-find publication archives, improved article pages that let you easily comment on articles and download code, better search results organization, better advanced search functionality, a simplified topic list, a spotlight on our expert authors, and a consistent look and feel. And just in the past week, we've changed the search function so that it defaults to the SQL Server Magazine site and gives you SQL Server specific results. You can read more about the new site's enhancements and let the editors know how the new site works for you at http://www.winnetmag.com/sqlserver/article/articleid/41743/sqlserver_41743.html .

The site also features an easier logon. You need to reregister at the site, even if you're a longtime user and subscriber to the print magazine. We've finally eliminated the numerical reader ID and replaced it with a logon name that you choose. That logon will give you access to all sites in the Windows &amp .NET network. Adopting Microsoft Passport would help readers like me who have to manage access to many Web sites, but having a real user name I can remember is a welcome improvement.

In addition to the hard-core SQL Server administration information that the magazine and Web site have provided for the past 5 years, you'll see more emphasis on SQL Server development and business intelligence (BI) content. I just returned from the 2004 SQL Server Magazine editorial conference, and I promise you'll see a great mix of content across each of these areas. You'll also see lots of new and unique content on the Web site. Some content will be free to all visitors, some will be available for free to registered users, and some will be available only to readers who've paid for a print subscription. New Web-exclusive content will include columns by Microsoft's Richard Waymire and SQL Server MVP Itzik Ben-Gan from Solid Quality Learning. Richard, a senior member of the Microsoft development team, will be writing about SQL Server security topics. And Itzik, who writes the magazine's monthly T-SQL Black Belt column, will be adding a Web-only column about SQL Server Yukon's T-SQL enhancements.

We hope these changes will make SQL Server Magazine's Web site a more valuable resource for you!

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