Web-exclusive Vendor Briefings, September 2006

AppRiver's Shoreline Simplifies Exchange Provisioning

Hosted email services can be attractive to companies that can't afford to devote IT resources to managing Exchange full-time. AppRiver, known for its SecureTide antispam service, launched a hosted service for Exchange Server 2003, Exchange Hosting with Shoreline. AppRiver's hosted service includes SecureTide and also features a Web-based interface called Shoreline for performing Exchange administrative tasks. Speaking with me at the Windows and Exchange Connections conference in April, AppRiver CTO Joel Smith stressed Shoreline's advantages for users. "The Shoreline interface makes it much easier to do Exchange provisioning and to perform administrative tasks such as setting permissions on public folders" he said. Joel also acknowledged Microsoft's recent foray into email hosting, Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services. "We like that Microsoft sees the value of outsourced services as essential to antivirus and spam protection."
—Anne Grubb
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