A Wealth of SQL Server Information at Your Fingertips

Knowing all the answers isn't the key to being a SQL Server "expert." More often than not, simply being able to find answers is the real secret. One great place for answers is the Microsoft SQL Server Technical Information Web page. If you haven't been to the site in a while, it's time for a review. As the page states, "Find the technical information you need to work with SQL Server, including tools to help you develop your own SQL Server-based solutions." You'll find master links to white papers, technical resources, and handy demos spread across the following high-level areas:

  • Administration:
    Get information to help you manage your SQL Server installation, find out about extensive interoperability capabilities, and delve into white papers and technical documents that deal with maintaining SQL Server across your organization.
  • Data Analysis:
    Find out how SQL Server can make the most of your data through features such as English Query, performance tuning, and OLAP.
  • Data Warehousing:
    Explore how SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 create sophisticated data warehouses from diverse sources and make the data conveniently available to a broad audience through the use of English Query and Analysis and OLAP Services.
  • Developer Information:
    Find resources, tools, and demos that extend the functionality of your SQL Server data and maximize its value. You'll also find interviews with SQL Server developers about XML, security, and pricing.
  • Migration and Deployment:
    Find the information and resources you need to have a successful SQL Server 2000 rollout.
  • Mobile and Embedded Computing:
    Read how enhanced replication options and integration with Microsoft Access 2000 make it easy to update SQL Server data from remote locations or a laptop computer.
  • Office 2000 Integration:
    Learn how Access 2000, Microsoft Excel 2000, and other Microsoft Office 2000 applications work with SQL Server to provide powerful capabilities and integrated features.
  • Security:
    Learn more about how SQL Server can protect your data from prying eyes.
  • I can't catalog everything the Web site contains in this limited space. So, I'll simply say that I hadn't visited the site for a while myself and was pleased with the wealth of information I quickly found. Drilling into each section presents dozens more links, with nearly 20 new white papers that cover specific SQL Server 2000 topics. My job is to know everything I can about SQL Server, and I spend a tremendous amount of time trying to keep up. If I found new and interesting resources on this site, I bet you will, too! Check it out.

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