The Wackiest & Funniest New Magazine

As an author for O’Reilly & Associates, I sometimes get interesting little tidbits from the company with warning.  It was just such an occasion when the premiere issue of Make Magazine landed in my (postal) mail box.


My first impression of the magazine was “odd, but really cool”.  The focus of the magazine is do-it-yourself (DIY) technology.  This is clearly a magazine for Dexter or Jimmy Neutron or anyone who enjoys some of their madcap, weird science.  The first of four quarterly editions covered topics like:


  1. How to do aerial photography with a kite and an off-the-shelf digital camera

  2. How to build a desktop linear accelerator

  3. XM Radio Hacks

  4. Changing the battery in a first generation iPaq

  5. New uses for obsolete technology

  6. A bunch of gadget reviews

  7. And my personal favorite… how to make a magnetic card strip reader – complete with software to run the device!

Make Magazine is big.  The first issue was 181 pages of -pure- information.  There are almost no ads at all after you get past the first 10 pages. 


It also has a lot of primers and tutorials for those of us who aren’t yet skilled with the tools of the trade – things like soldering irons and miniature tools.


Check it out at and let me know what you think!



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