Virtualization: Flexible Product Release Management

Editor's Note: We hope you enjoy our attempts at April Fool's humor in the following article!

Microsoft has announced the impending release of SQL Server 2008, the latest update to the SQL Server product platform. SQL Server 2008 will be the first product to use Microsoft's new virtualized product deployment platform, which separates product release dates from the real-world constraints of a rigid, predefined schedule. "With our new virtual product launch strategy, we can efficiently migrate our launch resources freely between different months, quarters and even calendar years," explained a Microsoft spokesman. "Adhering to an arbitrary, inflexible date based on a legacy calendar first used more than 2000 years ago is something we're moving away from. Our customers have asked for more flexibility as to when they receive new software, so this virtualized product deployment platform is the solution." The next product slated to use this new virtual product deployment system is the successor to Windows Vista, which has been allocated a 10-year virtual machine launch resource between the years of 2010 and 2020.

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