Virtual Working Vacation: TechEd 2006 Resources

Virtual Working Vacation: TechEd 2006 Resources

If you weren't one of the nearly 13,000 people in Boston at Microsoft's TechEd show in June, don't despair--you still have time to review some of the best material from the TechEd sessions and speakers, as well as supplemental material. Microsoft tells me that the Virtual TechEd site at and the official TechEd 2006 site at will be up through at least the end of July. Make time to visit soon, because there's a ton of interesting content.

The Virtual TechEd site features videos, keynote presentations, and links to blog sites related to specific technologies introduced or discussed in detail at TechEd. In past years, Microsoft has made streaming video of most of the TechEd sessions available on the Internet for a limited time. Microsoft hasn't made all of the content available this year, but you do have a lot of content to choose from. The official TechEd site shows a count of slightly more than 1000 sessions, and when you do a search using the keyword "SQL," you get a list of 128 sessions. In addition, Microsoft has 177 TechEd and pre-TechEd Web seminars available at . Twenty-nine of those Web seminars are related to SQL Server.

If that's not enough to keep your idle summer days packed with learning, you might want to purchase the TechEd 2006 DVD pack. This year, the set is available to non-attendees for $195, and you can order it at . This DVD set will include streaming media files of all TechEd 2006 Breakout Sessions, Strategic Briefings, and keynotes. The DVDs will also include some bonus content such as Hands-on Lab Manuals. Personally, I think the massive amount of high-quality technical content in this set is an incredible value and a wonderful educational resource. Pester your boss for a company copy if you don't want to shell out your own funds, but do whatever you can to grab this great DVD kit.

Finally, if you want to keep up with interesting Microsoft Webcasts and live events, consider signing up for Microsoft's event and Webcast notification service at . Microsoft will send you a monthly newsletter customized for your areas of interest.


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