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Updates Released for Two "Tool Time" Favorites!

I've been writing about maintaining SQL Server with properly automated preventative maintenance since I first wrote an article for SQLMag back in the mid-1990's for SQL Server versioin 6.5.  I stopped maintaining that particular script with the SQL Server 2000 release.

But others have produced their own excellent preventative maintenance scripts and freely shared them.  I mentioned both of these other script authors, Ola Hallengren ( blog) and Michelle Ufford ( blog | twitter), several in times in the past, such in the my 2008 post Database Maintenance Scripting Done Right.

Be sure to check each of their respective websites for the new releases that just came out in the last couple weeks.

Ola's scripts are HERE.

Michelle's scripts are HERE.

Enjoy!  And please follow me on Twitter.


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