Top SQL Server Vendors to Watch at Microsoft TechEd 2014, Part 1

Top SQL Server Vendors to Watch at Microsoft TechEd 2014, Part 1

The Microsoft TechEd 2014 conference is less than a week away, and we've got you covered on top SQL Server sessions to attend this year, in addition to tips for making the most out of your conference experience. Today, we're also highlighting top SQL Server vendors to keep your eye on at the conference tech expo:

Fusion-io. The Fusion iOMemory platform is credited with accelerating SQL Server 2014 databases that results in faster transactions, queries, and insights. The SQL Server Product Marketing division's Eron Kelly has also stated that by "adding the Fusion ioMemory platform to an existing SQL Server 2014 in-memory OLTP configuration can deliver 4x additional performance gains."

Melissa Data. This organization is known for its contact data quality tools for SQL Server and .NET environments that let users verify, standardize, match, consolidate, enhance, and update international contact data, such as addresses, phone numbers, and names.

MVP Systems Software. The company's JAMS Job Scheduler provides DBAs with centralized control of every batch process that runs on SQL Server. This solution takes the hassle out of routine database maintenance by providing uniformity and reliability to every process.

Varonis Systems. Although this solution might not be directly tied to SQL Server, it is certainly worth a mention from the big data perspective. The Varonis Metadata Framework provides organizations with a solution to analyze, manage, and protect human-generated data. In other words, the platform takes important documents, spreadsheets, videos, presentations, and emails—all of which are generated by humans—to turn that information into actionable data that can drive business decisions.

Continue to follow SQL Server Pro, as we continue to highlight top vendors that will be at the conference next week!

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