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Top 3 Windows Azure Updates Related to SQL Server

Microsoft released the Preview for the Premium database offering, Windows Azure SQL Database in July. Formerly known as SQL Azure, Windows Azure SQL Database is a feature-rich, fully managed relational database service that incorporates Microsoft's proven SQL Server technology in a cloud environment.

Windows Azure updates continue to be released at a fast pace. Here are three recent Windows Azure updates related to SQL Server professionals.

  1. Auto-delete Azure SQL Database Servers with no databases—In Windows Azure SQL Database, if you have a server that hasn't had any user databases within the last 90 days, it will be automatically deleted.
  2. A single Azure subscription can handle multiple Active Directories (AD). If you're begining to explored hybrid SQL Server scenarios, this update is helpful to extend your on-premises AD to the cloud.
  3. New A5 size Azure virtual machines (VMs). The new A5 size Azure VMs will be a good option for many SQL Server Vms, especially those based on tabular data models.

Source: The Bit Bucket (Greg Low): IDisposable, SQLblog.com

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