Tip: Reporting on Server Properties

The serverproperty(propertyname) function in SQL Server 2000 is a great resource for finding out which edition and which service pack of SQL Server you're running. You can use the serverproperty() function to report on any of the server properties that Figure A shows. SQL Server Books Online (BOL) has information about what serverproperty() reports for each of these properties. I'm especially fond of Edition and ProductLevel because they quickly show you which SQL Server edition and service pack you're running. The command

SELECT serverproperty('Edition')

returns one of the following responses: 'Desktop Engine', 'Developer Edition', 'Enterprise Edition', 'Enterprise Evaluation Edition', 'Personal Edition', or 'Standard Edition'. The command

SELECT serverproperty('ProductLevel')

returns 'RTM' for the shipping version, 'SPn' for the service pack version, or 'Bn' for the beta version.

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