Thursday night at the PASS Europe 2006 event

Wow - there was a lot of great content delivered today.  My personal syllabus included the following sessions:

Practical SQL Server, presented by Microsoft PSS' Bob Ward
Transparent Benefits of Upgrading to SQL Server 2005, presented by Microsoft PM Don Vilen
SQL Server 2005 Diagnostic Collection and Analysis, presented by Microsoft PSS' Ken Henderson
Understanding CLR Integration in SQL Server 2005, presented by Dotway's Chris Hedgate of Sweden

My favorite session had to be Don's session.  I knew about a handful of reasons, mostly in the BI area, why you'd want to upgrade to SQL Server 2005.  But the incredible raft of transparent benefits (meaning benefits that require no change in your code or application) that you get by upgrading blew me away.  I consider myself moderately knowledgeable about things like this, but I always enjoy learning new things such as the content provided in all of these sessions.

That night, we held a nice little mixer in the hotel's Garden Room.  I must be especially susceptible to Spanish wine, because I had to retire early or wind up wearing a lamp shade on my head.  LOL!  But it was a great opportunity to meet attendees from all over Europe and elsewhere.  I even had a few attendees ask to take their picture with me - and to you, I say "I'm very flattered!"  Why anyone would want my picture is beyond me...

More tidbits tomorrow!  Best regards,


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