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SQL Virtual Database: Manage Backup Files Through SSMS

Idera announced SQL virtual database 1.3, the latest release of a solution that allows backup files to look and act like a SQL Server database within SQL Server Management Studio and other SQL Server applications. This lets users run queries, insert and delete data, run reports, and perform resource-intensive checks against SQL Server database backup files. The latest version offers support for compressed backup files, support for instances located on the nodes of a cluster, and support for the latest versions of SQL Server and Windows Server. 

“Many products claim to save users time and money, but SQL virtual database has proven that it easily saves our customers hours and days that would have been spent restoring and retrieving data and documents from SQL Server,” said Rick Pleczko, President and CEO of Idera. “This new version not only supports users with the latest versions of Windows and SQL Server, but also allows for virtual databases to be created from additional sources, opening up even more opportunities to save time and money.”

SQL virtual database is available for $495 per server. To learn more, visit Idera's website.

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