SQL Server Will Love Linux in 2017

SQL Server Will Love Linux in 2017

If anything warrants a comical double-take this would be it.

Executive VP for the Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise, took to the Microsoft blogs today to announce that his company will be working to bring SQL Server to Linux. Not just as database instance that can be accessed from a Linux box, but as a full blown data platform solution that will install and run across Windows Server and Linux, both on-premises and in the Cloud.

The news forced many to double-check the date, thinking that an April Fool’s Day joke had gone awry too soon.

The solution launches in private preview today with a target of mid-2017 to make the Linux dream a technicolor reality. Microsoft is expected to cover this and other new data platform announcements at an event on March 10 in New York City. The event will be streamed live. More information here: Data Driven – SQL Server 2016

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