The SQL Server Social Networking Scene

If you haven't started to pay attention to the social networking scene for SQL Server, you're missing out. So here's a very quick primer on how to get up to speed. First of all, the Professional Association for SQL Server has a new PASSport program that might be all you need or want, especially if you're not too interested in signing up with other social networks. The PASSport program enables you to build a nifty profile describing your interests and enabling connections with other SQL Server professionals with similar interests. Next, I'm an avowed Facebook fan. There are lots of good groups you can join there, which enable you to communicate and share with a large number of people. Some of the groups that I'm a member of include: the Professional Association for SQL Server, there's a community for database professionals, and there's also a group for Microsoft MVPs. Let me know if you know of others that we should hear about. Second, there's a fun and active group on Twitter. You can sign up for Twitter and follow it actively. Or you could passively follow Twitter, by going to and search for tags like #sql or search for phrases like "sql server". Next, there are lots of active participants on LinkedIn and Plaxo. You can create profiles there, search for SQL Server, and connect to literally hundreds if not thousands of other professionals. There's also MySpace. But I don't know anything about the Internet's equivalent of a bunch of teenagers hanging out at the mall. If you know about MySpace social networking for SQL Server professionals, drop a comment here. I'd like to know about it! Thanks so much and I look forward to networking with you soon. =^) -Kevi

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