SQL Server Performance Improvements on Windows 2003 SP2

SQL Server MVP Aaron Bertran recently asked for elaboration on the comments posted here:



Specifically, "Performance improvements for SQL Server Service Pack 2 provides performance improvement for SQL Server 2005 under intensive workloads . These improvements are installed by default upon Service Pack 2 installation."

SQL Server PM Umachandar Jayachandran related that the improvements are related to winsock API.  The change in the winsock API is more perceivable on SQL workloads running with 8 CPUs + multiple NICs.  For example, you may notice it when running a high-end SAP load.  It will not be noticeable/measurable on other configurations.  Note that you'll need both Windows 2003 and SQL Server 2005 SP2 or higher also.

Thanks Aaron and Umachandar!


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