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SQL Server OS Recommendation, Future of Relational Databases, and a Useful Script

Roundup of recent SQL Server tidbits

Here's a quick look at a few recent database industry and SQL Server-related stories you might find interesting and helpful.

Time to Move Up to Windows 2012

Kendra Little offers a close look at all the reasons it's time to start planning your new SQL Server implementations on Windows Server 2012, or higher. Improvements to Windows Failover Clustering is just one of the compelling arguments—especially for anyone considering clustering SQL Server or using Availability Groups—to move up to Windows Server 2012.  

Full story: Need High Availability for SQL Server? Use Windows Server 2012

NoSQL CEO Says Days are Numbered for Relational Databases
Max Schireson, CEO of MongoDB
Max Schireson

According to ZDNet, Max Schireson, the CEO of the NoSQL database company MongoDB, says relational databases like SQL Server are "looking increasingly dated" and his company wants to eliminate all the reasons anyone would use a relational database.

Full story: MongoDB chief: Why the clock's ticking for relational databases

SQL Server Developer Shares Useful Script

Jamie Thomson, a freelance data manager in London (and contributor), recently shared his solution for having data available so he can place it into a table in SQL Server and issue queries against it. You can adapt his script for whatever information you want to capture.

Full story: Capturing query and IO statistics using Extended Events

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