SQL Server Magazine's Redesigned Web Site

SQL Server Magazine launched a redesign of its Web site (www.sqlmag.com) last week. Check it out! This Web site has always been a great resource for tracking down valuable information about SQL Server, and the redesign makes the site even easier to navigate. Here's what I like best about the new site.

The redesigned site provides a cleaner, more visually appealing layout (although my mug shot is no longer front and center on the home page). The current month's feature articles are easy to find, and you don't have to scroll down to access the SQL blog. The improved search toolbar makes it easier to find SQL Server-specific information by subject (i.e., development, administration, and business intelligence) or by article information (i.e., magazine issue month, author, subject, or department). I sometimes found the old search engine a bit finicky; it was sometimes difficult to find specific content that I had written.

I asked SQL Server Magazine Technical Editor Diana May to list what she felt were the most important new enhancements. Here’s what she said: “The redesigned Web site features a complete article archive; SQL Server event and community information; an active forum community; and links to ebooks, white-papers, FAQs, special reports, and downloads of interest to DBAs, database developers, and business intelligence professionals. We also wanted a cleaner separation from the resources of our sister publication, Windows IT Pro, to recognize the distinct, unique needs of the SQL Server community.”

Most of the changes reflect the needs that users (i.e., SQL Server Magazine readers and Web-site users) have expressed through feedback. I’ve been working with the magazine since its initial launch, and I can say with 100-percent assurance that the magazine strives to give you what you’re asking for. So after you're familiar with the new look and feel of the Web site, please take a minute to let the magazine know what you think by filling out a short survey at: http://www.zoomerang.com/survey.zgi?p=WEB22529Q2H7WU

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