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June 2, 2005

1. Perspectives

  • Play at the SQL Server Tech Center
  • 2. SQL Server 2005 Watch

  • Extending XML in SQL Server 2005
  • 3. News & Views

  • Results of Previous Instant Poll: Business Intelligence
  • New Instant Poll: Online Training and Information
  • 4. Events and Resources

  • Find Out What's New in SQL Server Analysis Services 2005
  • Ensure SQL Server High Availability
  • Get Ready for SQL Server 2005 Roadshow in Europe
  • Get the SQL Server BI Essentials
  • 5. Featured White Paper

  • Is Your Office Truly Fax Integrated?
  • 6. Peer to Peer

  • Hot Tip: Sp_helparticle Lists Publication Articles
  • Hot Article: When Less Is More
  • In a Nutshell: Podcasts and Radiocasts
  • Hot Threads
  • 7. Announcements

  • The 2005 MCP Hall of Fame
  • Check out the SQL Server Magazine Master CD
  • 8. New & Improved

  • Improve SQL Server Auditing and Scalability
  • Sponsor: Free Disaster Recovery Toolkit for the SQL DBA
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    1. Perspectives

  • Play at the SQL Server Tech Center

  •     by Brian Moran, [email protected]

    The concept of "information overload" in the IT space has been one of my pet peeves for a while. My basic complaint is that an infinite amount of cool SQL Server information is available but that trying to digest any reasonable amount of it is overwhelming. Although I'll probably always be able to find more information than I can use, it sure would be nice if vendors such as Microsoft did a better job of creating portals that let me easily track down and browse relevant and useful material.

    Introducing the new and improved Microsoft SQL Server Tech Center at http://lists.sqlmag.com/t?ctl=B60A:7B3DB . I had planned to devote this column to sharing the best tidbits I found by browsing the site. But a few hours of exploration later, my list has grown too big. I can't possibly decide what to mention and what not to mention. What's a SQL Server columnist to do? Spend some time browsing around. Honestly, there's too much fun stuff to even attempt to list in this short space. Microsoft did a nice job with the re-launch of this site last week. Information overload is still a problem, and always will be, but the new format seems to present a tremendous amount of useful information in a reasonable easy-to-use format.

    Yes, I just said that there was too much cool content to even think about listing my favorites. But when you visit, you'll find plenty of highlights to catch your attention. I especially love the effort Microsoft made in creating virtual playgrounds such as the TechNet Virtual Labs ( http://lists.sqlmag.com/t?ctl=B609:7B3DB ), which give you the opportunity to learn new technology on the Internet in a Virtual PC (VPC) sandbox that you don't have to spend time creating. Honestly, I'd be happier if Microsoft simply created VPC images that I could download with evaluation copies of software so that I could play for weeks instead of 90 minutes at a time. But this is a great start, so I won't complain too much.

    The virtual labs help me address another of my pet peeves, the problem of not having time to build test platforms to play with cool new technology coming down the pike from Microsoft. One day, customers will pay me to do nothing but sit around and play with new toys (I can dream right? ). But for now, most of my customers expect me to solve real problems, today. So, I have to balance my time between building new images to play and learn and doing real work. I'm sure you face the same dilemma, but the new and improved SQL Server Tech Center is worth spending some time on. Enjoy. Learn.

  • Breakthrough Solution for SQL Server Consolidation

  • With ARMTech for SQL Server workload management technology from Aurema, you can improve system utilization and performance, lower TCO and say goodbye forever to the days of "one app, one server." The only workload management solution specifically designed to enable SQL Server consolidation, ARMTech delivers increased reliability, improved performance, and higher system utilization in Windows server environments. Download your free evaluation copy of ARMTech for SQL Server and start saving today!

    2. SQL Server 2005 Watch

  • Extending XML in SQL Server 2005

  •     by Matt Nunn, [email protected]

    XML has become the standard format for transporting data over the Internet and has also found its way into other application-design areas (e.g., data storage). XML standards simplify sharing data with various systems, regardless of platform or architecture. SQL Server 2005 will include native XML support, a feature that will blur the traditional boundaries of application and database design. Although XML is unlikely to ever completely replace binary data formats or the traditional relational data store, native XML support provides some significant benefits. Read this article today at

  • Sponsor: Instant Recovery and Data Protection for SQL Servers

  • One of the most common database management systems (DBMS) for Microsoft Windows servers is Microsoft SQL Server (MS-SQL). Depending on your environment, your Microsoft SQL Server may be your most critical application. Like most database management systems, MS-SQL stores all of the data in a handful of database containers, or files. If one of these containers is damaged or corrupted, all of the data it contains is lost. In this free white paper, learn the data protection strategies you need to really protect your database, compare the costs, evaluate alternatives and more!

    3. News & Views

    Results of Previous Instant Poll: SQL Server 2000 SP4
    "Which SQL Server business intelligence (BI) tools are you using?" Here are the results from the 86 votes (deviations from 100 are due to a rounding error):

  • 22%   OLAP
  • 21%   Reporting Services
  •  2%   Data Mining
  • 15%   More than one of the above
  • 40%   None of the above
  • New Instant Poll: Online Training and Information
    "What online training and information resources do you use most often?" Go to the SQL Server Magazine home page ( http://lists.sqlmag.com/t?ctl=B618:7B3DB ) and submit your vote for

  • Webcasts, Podcasts, or other instructor-led classes
  • Self-paced downloadable courses
  • Articles and whitepapers
  • SQL Server-related portal sites
  • Google searches
  • Other
  • 4. Events and Resources

  • Find Out What's New in SQL Server Analysis Services 2005

  • In this free Web seminar, get an in-depth understanding of the many new features and capabilities Microsoft has introduced in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services. You'll learn about data source views, user-defined hierarchies, measure groups, KPIs and more! Plus--get all you need to know about integration with Integration Services and Reporting Services and the new deployment and synchronization capabilities in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services.

  • Ensure SQL Server High Availability

  • In this free Web seminar, discover how to maintain business continuity of your IT systems during routine maintenance and unplanned disasters. Learn critical factors for establishing a secure and highly available environment for SQL Server including overcoming the technology barriers that affect SQL Server high availability. And learn about Microsoft's out-of-the-box high-availability technologies, including clustering, log shipping, and replication. Register now!

  • Get Ready for SQL Server 2005 Roadshow in Europe

  • Get the facts about migrating to SQL Server 2005. SQL Server experts will present real-world information about administration, development, and business intelligence to help you implement a best-practices migration to SQL Server 2005 and improve your database-computing environment. Receive a 1-year membership to PASS and 1-year subscription to SQL Server Magazine. Register now!

  • Get the SQL Server BI Essentials

  • This eBook will give you a solid foundation for understanding where BI has come from and where it's headed. You'll learn about what's coming in SQL Server 2005, and if you're a BI vetern, validate what you already know. Download this free eBook now to get a wealth of BI tips and techniques that you shouldn't be without.

    See the complete Windows IT Pro Network guide to Web and live events.

    5. Featured White Paper

    Is Your Office Truly Fax Integrated?
    Discover how to make your business more productive with easier ways for users to communicate and carry out mission-critical business processes. In this free white paper, learn how to integrate fax technology with Microsoft Office and Exchange Server and Outlook applications. Get usage examples of Office-to-Fax integration, learn the benefits, learn how fax works with Office, and more. Download your copy now!

    6. Peer to Peer

  • Hot Tip: Sp_helparticle Lists Publication Articles

  •     by Microsoft's SQL Server Development Team, [email protected]

    Q. I need to see all the articles for a given publication in my replication setup. Is there a system stored procedure that lists all a publication's articles?

    Read the answer to this question today at

    Hot Article: When Less Is More
    Do you want your code done right, or do you want it done right now? In his May editorial "When Less Is More," Michael Otey explores the problems inherent in tools that let developers quickly produce large volumes of code. The mentality that they must produce more code faster can lead programmers to value quantity over quality--causing an overabundance of bad code and increasing pressure from managers who set unrealistic programming deadlines. Otey suggests a shift in thinking about how to use programming tools to encourage the expectation of high-quality coding. Read this article today and post your comments at

    In a Nutshell: Podcasts and Radiocasts
    If you've ever been envious that developers have access to so many online training resources, you'll be glad to know that SQL Server professionals will be getting a couple of new downloadable resources. In this week's blog, Kevin Kline highlights two new sites that feature downloadable SQL Server training content. One of the sites, http://lists.sqlmag.com/t?ctl=B616:7B3DB , features Podcasts, the first of which is an interview with SQL Server MVP and SQL Server Magazine contributing editor Kalen Delaney. The other site, Net Rocks ( http://lists.sqlmag.com/t?ctl=B611:7B3DB ) features a radio-show format through which you can listen to an interview with popular SQL Server speaker and trainer Kimberly Tripp. Give these sites a listen and let Kevin know what you think today at

    Hot Threads: Check out the following hot threads, and see other discussions in our 30 SQL Server forums.

    Administration: Two Instances of sqlservr.exe Running on Production Server
    T-SQL: Using This Replace Causes Index Scan
    Performance: Query Analyzer: Results in Grid vs. Text
    Security: Scripting Database Access Audit
    Development: Stored Procedure to Update Statistics as a Job
    DTS: Error code: 80040E57

    Hot Spot

  • SQL Server MVPs Say sqlSentry Is a Must-Have Tool.

  • "You'll never know how you lived without it" -- "It's a must-have in the DBAs arsenal" -- "This is a product that every DBA should use" -- "Comprehensive and productive" -- "This is the answer to the busy DBA's prayers" -- Read more...

    7. Announcements

  • The 2005 MCP Hall of Fame

  • Are you a top-notch MCP who deserves to be a part of the first-ever MCP Hall of Fame? Nominate yourself or a deserving friend and get the fame you deserve by becoming a part of this influential community of certified professionals. You could win a VIP trip to Microsoft and other valuable prizes. Sign up now--it's easy:

    Check out the SQL Server Magazine Master CD
    The SQL Server Magazine Master CD goes a step further by offering portable access to the entire SQL Server Magazine article database--more than 2,300 articles! The newest issue includes BONUS SQL Server 2005 content and if you sign up now, you will SAVE 25% off. This is a limited-time, risk-free offer, so subscribe now:

    8. New & Improved

        by Dawn Cyr, [email protected]

  • Share Your Story and Get a T-Shirt!
  • Have you used a product that saved you time or made your job easier? Tell us how your favorite product solved a SQL Server problem for you, and if we print your submission in the magazine's Hands On department we'll send you a SQL Server Magazine t-shirt. Send your email today to [email protected]!

  • Improve SQL Server Auditing and Scalability

  • Cybermation announced ESP Espresso 4.4, a distributed enterprise job-scheduling solution that provides single-point control across OSs, platforms, and applications. The product, which supports all ERP solutions, lets you efficiently manage job scheduling in very large data centers in heterogeneous environments so that you can tightly control crucial data. ESP Espresso automates background processes, creates dependencies among those processes, and integrates management of your whole environment. The product lets you centralize audit logs so that you can easily track and report job changes to find out who made the changes and when. And with ESP Espresso, you can use traditional SQL Server job-scheduling or set up event-driven or workload automation, which triggers automated jobs based on database activity. For pricing and other information, contact Cybermation at 800-268-3338 or 905-707-4400.

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