SQL Server Magazine UPDATE, April 12, 2007--Hotfixes vs. Service Packs: Blurring the Lines

SQL Server Magazine UPDATE, April 12, 2007--Hotfixes vs. Service Packs: Blurring the Lines

This week, Microsoft announced the Incremental Service Model for automatic notification of SQL Server hotfix Cumulative Updates. But surprisingly, this new service seems shrouded in mystery, and the announcement raises more questions than it answers.

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April 12, 2007

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Hotfixes vs. Service Packs: Blurring the Lines
by Brian Moran, [email protected]

Last week, my press contacts at Microsoft told me about the company’s new Incremental Servicing Model for SQL Server, a new process for customers to receive scheduled SQL Server hotfix updates that is scheduled to launch April 16. The name and the brief description sure sounded intriguing. But, try as I might, I haven’t been able to get much in the way of real information about what this new initiative really means to customers.
Read the full article.


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by Blake Eno, [email protected]

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Teratrax announced Teratrax Performance Monitor 4.0, a real-time performance monitoring and alerting solution for all editions of SQL Server 2005 and 2000. Teratrax Performance Monitor 4.0 features SQL Server uptime monitoring and email alerting, real-time deadlock detection, real-time and historical cache-hit-ratio charting, and email alerting for slow SQL events and blocks with customizable thresholds. The software can also notify you of failed and slow jobs and provides an auditing trail for failed login attempts. You can download a free, 7-day trial of Teratrax Performance Monitor 4.0 at Teratrax's Web site. The software costs $395 per server.





Join the discussions and share your expertise with your peers on our forums! New this week:

Replication: Transactional Replication Snapshots

T-SQL: Complex Stored Procedure

SQL Server 2005 Development: Service Broker Sample Code

SQL Server 2005 Security: How to Detect Hack Attempt?




Q&A: Executing Queries on Remote Servers
by Microsoft’s SQL Server Development Team

Q. I have two servers, and I want to call a stored procedure with the server name as the parameter and have the stored procedure's T-SQL query run against the appropriate server, as in the following code:

CREATE PROCEDURE (@prmServer varchar(500)) AS
SELECT * FROM ##.pubs.dbo.Titles

How do I execute the procedure's T-SQL query on the correct server by using the server parameter (the ## part of the object name) and without converting the T-SQL code to a string or using an EXECUTE statement? Does SQL Server provide an object for server name, such as ObjectReference in the statement

SELECT * FROM ObjectReference(@prmServer) 

that I can use in place of the server's name? Or can I map @prmServer to an alias such as TempServer, as in

SELECT * FROM TempServer.pubs.dbo.Titles 

then run my T-SQL code?

Read the answer to this question today.

SELECT TOP(X): Size Up Team Data
Before you buy Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals, get more information about it with these 5 resources, including blogs, a forum, and a trial version for downloading. Read this article today and post your comments.

PUZZLED BY T-SQL: Simplified End-of-Period Calculations
In this week’s blog, Itzik Ben-Gan shares a simplified way to perform an end-of-period calculation. This useful solution was sent to Itzik by reader Peter Larsson. Check out the new solution and post your input today.

IN A NUTSHELL: Checking for Operation Completion
Check out this useful tip for using a DMV to get the running percentage progress of a backup. Read the blog and send Kevin your comments and contributions.




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