SQL Server Growth Offers Career Opportunities - 17 Dec 1999

Have you ever thought that it would be cool to work for Bill? Polish up those resumes and memorize SQL Server Books Online (BOL) if you're a top-notch SQL Server engineer who wants to live in Dallas or Charlotte. I certainly won't let this space become a billboard for the cool job du jour, but I thought this career opportunity might seriously interest many of you. Apparently, the huge growth in SQL Server sales has compelled the Microsoft product support team to start filling many support engineer positions. The support team is growing by leaps and bounds, with no end in sight, according to my contacts at Microsoft. These support engineers will help Fortune 1000 customers deploy, tune, and troubleshoot systems based on Microsoft SQL Server.

I hear that Microsoft is especially interested in senior SQL Server engineers (you know who you are). But if you’ve ever called Microsoft product support, you know that some engineers are more experienced than others. So Microsoft might have a few positions for midlevel database professionals, too. Unfortunately, I won't get any type of referral bonus if you do land a job with this lead, but I'll be happy to accept a portion of your Microsoft stock options when you cash out and retire as a millionaire. If you're interested, contact Sam Guerrini in Microsoft’s technical recruiting department at [email protected]

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