SQL Server Disaster Recovery Step By Step

SQL Server Disaster Recovery Step by Step

DR Poster-V2.pdf

Have you ever tried to recover from a disaster involving SQL Server and just not known where to start or how to proceed? Which backups do you use? What if you don’t have any backups?

Using all his experience (within and outside of Microsoft) helping customers recover using SQL Server, Paul S. Randal has produced a disaster recovery poster for SQL Server Pro. The poster shows you the steps you need to follow and the decisions you need to make to ensure your disaster recovery proceeds smoothly and successfully.

You'll see how to work out which path to follow no matter what your SQL Server environment, using SQL Server 2005 onward. Apart from showing you what you should do, the poster also helps you avoid doing things you should not do, like trying to recover a SUSPECT database through detach/attach. 

The information provided on this poster should help you save downtime, save data, and potentially save your job!

SQL Server Disaster Recovery Step By Step

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