SQL Server Bests High-End Records

Microsoft and Unisys announced in late February that SQL Server 2000 running on a Windows 2000 Datacenter Server-based Unisys machine obtained the highest database performance results ever recorded in a Windows environment for SAP's e-commerce benchmark. The Unisys ES7000 database server, which featured 16 700MHz Pentium III microprocessors and 8GB of RAM, interacted with 49 8-way 700MHz Unisys servers, each with 4GB of RAM. The test marked the first evaluation of application performance and scalability on a Windows server with more than eight processors. According to the two companies, the Microsoft-Unisys solution broke established records for the industry-standard mySAP.com Sales and Distribution (SD) benchmark.

The test simulation processed the equivalent of 1 million line items per hour—the workload of 10,400 SD benchmark users. The number of users represents the maximum number of concurrent users that any system can support and still deliver acceptable response times; the test's average response time was 1.83 seconds. "The benchmark shows that the superior economics of e-business computing offered by the Unisys ES7000, Microsoft Windows, and Intel technology apply even when handling the very large centralized databases and high transaction volumes typically encountered in the mySAP.com environment," says Peter Samson, Unisys vice president and general manager of Technology Sales Development.

Microsoft points to the results as proof that Datacenter is a compelling choice for enterprises that run mission-critical applications such as SAP. "\[The test\] offers enterprises further assurance that they no longer have to pay the UNIX premium for high-performance SAP solutions or be locked into proprietary platform technology," said Gordon Mangione, Microsoft vice president for SQL Server.

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