SQL Server and SAP Certification

I was recently in the middle of a conversation between several Microsoft people, including Mike Tuchen, the director of SQL Server marketing, and Rob Westerveld, a writer for TechTarget's web site, http://www.SearchSAP.com. So what's going on with SAP and SQL Server 2005. Well, I can tell you that the word on the street and in the field is very positive regarding SAP running on SQL Server 2005. I've talked to a lot of people who are running SAP on SQL Server and their testing shows SQL Server 2005 to be an even better platform for SAP. The official word from SAP is that all current and future SAP business applications will run on SQL Server 2005. SAP is currently testing SQL Server 2005 modules and applications for certification and has issued OSS notes with status updates of expectations to release certifications by the end of February. (Yes - that's just one month away.) SAP encourages their customers to start SQL 2005 projects now with the plan to go into production in March. SAP’s short time frame of certifying key SQL Server 2005 modules and applications (from Dec 2005 to February 2006) demonstrates SAP’s confidence in fast and efficient upgrade process from SQL Sever 2000 to SQL Server 2005. I'd love to hear from you if you're an SAP user on the SQL Server platform. What are your biggest challenges in migration? Cheers, -Kevin

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