SQL Server 2014 Service (Revised) Pack 1 Now Available

SQL Server 2014 Service (Revised) Pack 1 Now Available

Introducing SQL Server 2014 SP1... Again

It's time for round 2 of the release of the initial service pack for SQL Server 2014 and this time Microsoft is fairly certain they got it right.  Microsoft SQL Server 2014 SP1 was originally released on April 15, 2015 and started causing issues in certain environments immediately.  After working through those difficulties the new SP1 was released exactly a month later: May 15, 2015.

Incremented for Your Protection

According to Microsoft there were less than 300 downloads of the original service pack from their download site.  That being said, the number of instances are incalculable based off the download count but it still can be classified as a "small event" that was caught quickly - with a great deal of contribution by certain members of the Microsoft SQL MVP ranks.  Their bleeding edge implementation (and ensuing difficulties) brought the issue to light and increased the cadence with which the issue was identified and resolved.  Thankfully, these separate service pack releases were incremented to ensure you're able to check whether the "good" or the "not-so-good" service pack 1 was applied:

  • Good version of SQL 2014 SP1:  12.0.4100.1
  • Version to uninstall/avoid:  12.0.4050.0

You will be required to uninstall the existing 12.0.4050.0 install should you be one of the (un)lucky few who installed it or be met with the following informational message:

Note If you have version 12.0.4050.0 of SQL Server 2014 Service SP1 (KB3018269) installed, you must uninstall that update from all installation instances before you install this update.

The difficulties stemmed from issues with the initial service pack release affecting the SQL Server Integration Services catalog database (SSISDB).  Installs applied to instances of SQL Server with an active SSISDB database were met with feedback no DBA wishes to see during a patching event:

Error: 912, Severity: 21, State: 2.

Script level upgrade for database 'master' failed because upgrade step 'SSIS_hotfix_install.sql' encountered error 3602, state 251, severity 25. This is a serious error condition which might interfere with regular operation and the database will be taken offline. If the error happened during upgrade of the 'master' database, it will prevent the entire SQL Server instance from starting. Examine the previous errorlog entries for errors, take the appropriate corrective actions and re-start the database so that the script upgrade steps run to completion.

Error: 3417, Severity: 21, State: 3.

Cannot recover the master database. SQL Server is unable to run. Restore master from a full backup, repair it, or rebuild it. For more information about how to rebuild the master database, see SQL Server Books Online. SQL Server shutdown has been initiated

This should remind all of us that backups should be performed before any patch event - particularly but not exclusive of the system databases.

Available Now

Service Pack 1 includes all cumulative updates (CUs) through CU5.  Since we're now up to a CU7 it can be safely assumed there will be at least one more service pack in the life cycle of SQL Server 2014.  As we're starting to see from the accelerated release cadence for this product an SP3 may be the exception though more than the rule. 

For a complete listing of fixes please review the Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB3058865) on SQL 2014 SP1

The Service Pack is initially available for download on the Microsoft Download Center. SQL Server 2014 SP1 will be rolling out to additional venues including MSDN/TechNet, the Volume Licensing center, and other channels starting May 21, 2015.


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