SQL Server 2014 Released, Public Eval Now Available

SQL Server 2014 Released, Public Eval Now Available

As I reported in mid-March 2014, SQL Server 2014 releases today – and it's not an April Fool's Day joke. The fanfare for the release won't take place until April 15 at 10AM PDT. Quentin Clark will be joined by CEO Satya Nadella and COO Kevin Turner for an online event.

Microsoft offers the ability to be notified of the April 15 event through an Outlook (.ics) calendar reminder and through a Facebook page:

Calendar Reminder

Facebook page

In addition to the public release today, Microsoft is also making a public evaluation version available today, so you can download the bits and start testing.

Download the Evaluation: Microsoft SQL Server 2014

To read through all the new and important features, in depth, read Michael Otey's post on our sister site, SQL Server Pro: Important New Features in SQL Server 2014

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