SQL Server 2005 System Diagram

I blogged about this once before in early January, but it's an evergreen topic.  I always get questions about where to get a map/diagram of the SQL Server system tables.  So just in case you haven't gotten one yet (and you really need to get one), you should at least get the PDF version of the SQL Server 2005 system metadata diagram/map poster.


A PDF version of the popular SQL Server 2005 system table map poster is now available for download to all SQL Server Magazine UPDATE readers. The poster download, sponsored by ProClarity, provides unique, indepth information about one of the most fundamental changes in the new release. The new system tables give you access to internal SQL Server 2005 system information that has never before been available and is not documented anywhere else.

Microsoft partnered with SQL Server Magazine to create this visual representation of the most important views and relationships to help SQL Server pros understand the logical layer that Microsoft created between the DBA and the underlying physical system tables from the perspective of performance, activity, and maintenance. The print version of the poster was inserted into the December 2005 issue of SQL Server Magazine, and is available to new magazine subscribers through a special subscription offer.

So if you want a physical glossy poster, you should consider subscribing.  Otherwise, at least get the PDF and download it to your workstation.

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