SQL Server 2005 Roadshows Are on the Move

SQL Server Magazine and the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) have partnered with Microsoft and some of the best experts in the industry to bring you the SQL Server 2005 Roadshows.  (If you’re interested in joining PASS, subscribing to SQL Mag, or attending the 2005 PASS Community Summit, then you’ll get a bevy of additional benefits described below.)


These one-day events are the best ‘quick-start’ opportunity available for SQL Server users to get a jumpstart on migrating to SQL Server 2005.  By providing users with the very best education and outstanding local networking outlets, the Roadshows help strengthen the SQL Server community and facilitate the information sharing that helps us all do our jobs better.


The full day of SQL Server technical content will be presented by SQL Server experts from DevelopMentor, Hitachi Consulting, and Scalability Experts, and by technical representatives from the Roadshows sponsors - Microsoft, BMC Software, HP, and Imceda.  There are a number of pavilion sponsors including my crew at Quest Software, as well as other great companies like Unisys, Panorama, Proclarity, Idera, and Embarcadero. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.  There will be a PASS user group party at the end of the day so you can network with your peers in the local area.


The conferences will be held in the following cities:


            Boston                          April 19

            New York                     April 21

            Anaheim                       April 26

            San Francisco               April 28

            Chicago                        May 12

            Houston                        May 17

            Dallas                           May 19


(I, personally, am going to try to make as many of these events as I can.  But my schedule is pretty heavy lately so I’m probably being optimistic just to make the dates in late April.)


The registration fee of $99 includes a one-year PASS membership and a one-year subscription to SQL Server Magazine. Attendees will also receive $100 off the registration fee to the 2005 PASS Community Summit. For more information about the Roadshow, go to: http://www.windowsitpro.com/roadshows/sqlserverusa/ .


Out of curiousity, I wonder how many of you are able to go to one-day events like the Roadshows but cannot usually attend longer technical training events like the PASS conference or a full-week training class?  Would it make a difference if the event were less expensive or even free?  Let me know what you think!





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