SQL Farms and Microsoft: Fact or Fiction?

A recent story we posted about Microsoft licensing technology from SQL Farms has generated some interesting responses, chiefly from two of the three parties involved in the supposed licensing deal. Investment bank DeParis Redinger LLC claimed -- via a press release sent to the SQL Server product news inbox, a direct email exchange between a DeParis Redinger principal and a SQL Server Magazine editor, as well as a news release posted on PRweb.com -- that it had "successfully advised SQL Farms, Inc. on its sale of certain intellectual property assets to Microsoft."

SQL Farms and Microsoft had a different take on the news. A SQL Farms executive contacted by SQL Server Magazine declined to comment and asked us not to reprint the information, while a Microsoft spokesperson disputed the accuracy of the DeParis Redinger news release, stating that the licensing agreement claim "isn't true."

SQL Server Magazine requested additional comment on the supposed agreement from SQL Farms and DeParis Redinger on July 10th, and has yet to receive a response. We'll update our story when more information becomes available.


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