Solution to November's Logical Puzzle: Then There Were Five?

Can you think of a sentence that contains the word "and" five times consecutively ("and and and and and")? The sentence must make sense. In other words, I'm not aiming for a sentence such as "Five times 'and' are and and and and and." Rather, the sentence should make sense without such silly tricks.

I’ve seen several versions of solutions to this puzzle, but they’re essentially all the same. Here's one with a bit of SQL in it: Given the filter expression:


col1 = 1

col2 = 3


You want to replace the newline characters with spaces. In other words, use spaces between 1 and and and and and col2. Another version of the solution refers to a restaurant sign that says “fish and chips,” and the owner wants to replace the spaces between fish and and and and and chips with hyphens.

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