Solid Data Earns Cluster Server Certification

Solid Data Systems earned VERITAS Cluster Server Certification for its Excellerator 800 Ultra solid-state storage system. Now, VERITAS customers can use Solid Data’s file-caching systems to reduce switch-over and recovery times and improve overall cluster performance and scalability. VERITAS Cluster Server lets customers create server clusters of up to 32 nodes by connecting two or more servers to a common storage pool. If an interruption occurs on one or more servers, the cluster server automatically switches applications to one or more live servers. Solid Data’s file-caching products enhance cluster performance by providing ultrafast I/O for log files that the system continuously generates and sends between servers. "If a Web page takes longer than 8 seconds to load, the customer will go elsewhere," says Mike Casey, Solid Data’s marketing vice president. "File caching not only reduces the wait time but multiplies overall e-transaction performance and scalability as well." Solid Data has also started working with the VERITAS Storage Area Network Integration Lab to pretest the fibre channel version of its Excellerator 800 file-caching system.

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