Simplify Your CDP Purchase

Focusing on mid-market companies that run on the Microsoft platform gives Asempra ( ) the ability to hone in on the data-protection challenges that their customers face, says Eric Herzog, Asempra’s Vice President of Marketing. In a recent conversation with our editors, Herzog explained that the top data-protection challenges that their customers report include keeping their Microsoft-based applications (such as SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange) and Windows file servers up and running; keeping data available and reliable; ensuring that the company can recover from a disaster; dealing with the time and cost of file recovery; and meeting compliance and governance requirements. In midsize businesses (which Asempra defines as companies in the $50 million to $1 billion range), these challenges can absorb huge amounts of valuable resources. Asempra’s continuous data protection (CDP) solution, Business Continuity Server (BCS), addresses these fundamental concerns on many levels. First, the solution includes no hidden costs. The base price of $15,000 covers the software for the Asempra BCS and an unlimited number of host agents, a license to protect half a terabyte (500GB) of storage, and all hardware including a dual-CPU 1U Server with an iSCSI or Fibre Channel HBA. The combination of hardware and software in this solution means that you don’t have to acquire a separate server to make the solution work. And you can use SAN or direct attached storage and work within your existing storage infrastructure. Finally, being application- and transaction-aware means that when you recover your files to a specific point in time, the files you recover will be useable—not corrupted. Asempra’s ability to bring this Enterprise-style data protection to midsized businesses makes it a company worth investigating if you’re looking for a CDP solution.

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