Share Your Feedback About SQL Server Communities

Do you participate in Microsoft-sponsored or other SQL Server newsgroups, Web forums, message boards, or listservs? Have you attended online seminars or Webcasts about SQL Server-related topics? Do you participate in SQL Server user groups or attend SQL Server technical conferences? Whether your answer to these questions is yes or no, Microsoft wants to know. Microsoft's SQL Server team has launched a new survey to help it and its community partners, including SQL Server Magazine, better understand your needs and improve your experience with SQL Server. The survey also asks whether by participating in SQL Server communities, you're getting solutions to your SQL Server issues and questions more effectively and faster than you did before, whether your image of and confidence in Microsoft's support for SQL Server has improved, and whether you feel that Microsoft is doing a better job of taking into account your needs and feedback and incorporating them into SQL Server. Let Microsoft know how satisfied you are with the availability of SQL Server information and peer support in the SQL Server communities by taking the survey at

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