Session 3: Using PowerPivot

Presented by: Stacia Misner

Running Time: 60 min

Traditional BI solutions often require a team to gather, massage, and load data into structures suitable for analysis, and this process takes time. What if the data you need to analyze today isn't going to be ready until months from now? Or perhaps you have access to a new data source, but no one is certain yet how useful it would be for ongoing decision making. Where is that data going to fit into the BI processes? PowerPivot isn't meant to replace your corporate data warehouse, but rather to complement it with data that you can obtain from all sorts of sources. That way, you can answer a question that's applicable only today or test out theories before committing a team to more development of your corporate solution. In this session, you learn how to get started with PowerPivot by creating a model from multiple data sources and enhancing the model with simple calculations and other techniques to reveal patterns in your data by using data visualization techniques.