Securing Access Code

Access 2000 doesn't provide user-level security for modules that can contain confidential information. But you can make an Access project file, an ADE file, to secure files and speed performance. To make an ADE file, choose Tools, Database Utilities, Make ADE File in the Access Database window menu. An ADE file compiles all modules, removes source code, and compresses the database file. In addition, the command you use to make an ADE file optimizes memory usage. Making an ADE file secures your code because it removes editable source code. The absence of editable source code means the project loads and runs faster and optimizes memory usage.

When you use ADE files, always maintain a backup .adp file for your .ade file. Because an .ade file contains no editable source code, if you have to make changes to an application running as an .ade file, you need the .adp file to code the changes. After testing the changes, you can create a new .ade file.

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