Secure Databases Against SQL Injection Attacks with GreenSQL Database Security

Secure Databases Against SQL Injection Attacks with GreenSQL Database Security

The latest version now includes configuration enhancements and Amazon cloud compatibility

GreenSQL's latest version of its security solution for DBAs, GreenSQL Database Security 2.3, now makes it easier to secure databases with the product's configuration enhancements and Amazon cloud compatibility. The solution also provides database security protection against SQL injection attacks and other internal and external threats through database activity monitoring and real-time dynamic data masking.

The latest version of GreenSQL Database Security automatically detects SQL injection attempts. Once an attack is detected, the product also automatically detects the operating environment and database session identifiers such as user, database, source IP, and application. In addition, GreenSQL Database Security 2.3 has increased the number of preconfigured patterns and policies with easier classification of suspicious patterns. "Cybercriminals keep fine-tuning their SQL injection approach and we're doing the same but for the good guys," said Amir Sadeh, CEO of GreenSQL.

GreenSQL Database Security 2.3
GreenSQL Database Security 2.3

Because of the growing concern among IT professionals about cloud security, GreenSQL now offers Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for SQL Server and MySQL in addition to its existing Windows Azure SQL database support.

Current GreenSQL Database Security users can upgrade to the latest version. In addition, the upgrade ensures that all existing audit logs and configurations are seamlessly kept. Visit GreenSQL's website to learn more about its offering. For more SQL Server Pro articles on SQL injection attacks, see "SQL Injection – Beyond the Basics" and "SQL Server and Anti-Virus."

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