Secerno DataWall 3.3 Offers Stored Procedure Monitoring and Enhanced User Role Auditing

This week, database security vendor Secerno announced Secerno DataWall 3.3, the latest version of its database activity monitoring and policy enforcement hardware and virtual appliances. DataWall 3.3 monitors stored procedures and notifies you of any unauthorized changes in their content. It provides both scheduled and real-time reporting of the content, ownership, and history of the stored procedures in your SQL Server environment.

DataWall 3.3 also addresses threats to data from within your organization by offering enhanced user role auditing. This feature lets you monitor users’ login histories, as well as the roles, groups, permissions, and status assigned to each user. DataWall 3.3 includes the ability to integrate with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator and F5's Big-IP Application Security Manager.

The DataWall family of products includes DataWall for Database Activity Monitoring, DataWall for Database Policy Enforcement, and DataWall for Database Compliance Auditing. These products use the SynoptiQ Engine, which works by fingerprinting database requests, to monitor and analyze how data is being accessed and modified in your organization.

You can find out more about the DataWall line of products by visiting the Secerno website.

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