SAP, Microsoft Enhance Global Partnership

SAP AG has chosen SQL Server 7.0 as its strategic database for the Windows platform. The companies also will cooperate to make the Windows 2000 OS available as a platform choice for customers wishing to implement solutions. SAP plans to replace Oracle with SQL Server 7.0 as the primary database on the Windows platform for most of the 150 internal development and production systems within SAP. In addition, SAP will migrate some of its 200 internal training and customer demonstration/presentation systems to SQL Server. Microsoft also announced that it is the first customer to use Windows 2000 for its product implementation of SAP inter-enterprise software solutions. is an open collaborative business environment of personalized solutions on demand that lets organizations of all sizes fully engage employees, customers, and partners to capitalize on the Internet economy. This announcement extends an October 1999 agreement between SAP AG and Microsoft Europe under which the companies are working to expand acceptance of Windows 2000 and SQL Server 7.0 as a cost-effective, scalable platform for implementations of for end-to-end Internet collaboration. Both companies are investing in technical pre-sales and sales support personnel, skills transfer, and cross training of respective sales forces and consulting organizations. “The internal adoption by SAP of SQL Server 7.0 is a significant testimonial to the increasing confidence SAP has placed in our database and will help improve all aspects of our joint solutions,” says Paul Maritz, Microsoft Developer Group vice president

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