Report: Microsoft is Largest OLAP Vendor

Despite the growth in OLAP sales and usage, estimating the exact size of the OLAP market is becoming increasingly difficult. One way of measuring market consolidation is to track the collective market share of the top 5 or 10 vendors in the market each year. The OLAP Report's recent market-share analysis shows that the OLAP market was fragmenting until 1999 but has been consolidating since then, with the 2003 market being clearly more consolidated than in any other year in the past decade. The OLAP Report says that 2003's 7 percent growth in the OLAP market was the best since 2000 but that much of the reported "growth" was a result of a weak dollar. Microsoft's growth rate fell, but it consolidated its lead over Hyperion Solutions and is now the largest OLAP vendor. The top 10 OLAP vendors now control a record 95 percent of the market. Read the full report at

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