Rebooted online conference aims to boost SQL Server skills

Don't forget to make a date for our rescheduled Power Up with SQL Server EMEA web conference on Thursday, December 3.

The free-to-attend online event is for database administrators and developers in Europe with running times to suit. Power Up with SQL Server EMEA starts at 10am UK time/11am European Summer Timeon December 3. The conference addresses database performance, virtualisation and high availability and is sponsored by Idera, Neverfail and Xkoto.

The day's seminars will kick off with "Understanding Query Plan Caching in SQL Server", from Australian SQL Server MVP Greg Low. Low will explain how virtualisation works with SQL Server at a time when many database pros are still wary of using the technology. Delegates will learn about the benefits, options, implementation processes and best practices for virtualising SQL Server in real-world environments with real-world workloads.

Next, Niels Berglund will host a session on SQL Server high availability. Berglund, a UK-based Swede, is a technical trainer, prolific writer for both SQL Server and Windows IT Pro magazine and was co-author of the first book on SQL Server 2005 development. His seminar will look at why IT people often confuse high availability with disaster recovery and how to avoid getting burned by this costly mistake.

Viewers will also learn about the broad range of native SQL Server high availability options and their strengths and weaknesses. Berglund will explain how to tweak each option to ensure high-performance and optimised availability within different network and workload topologies.

The conference's final seminar will cover SQL Server performance. Presenting his second session of the day, Berglund will provide insights into what causes SQL Server performance problems and the best ways to profile, load-test and tune workloads rather than just throwing more expensive hardware at each problem as it comes along.

Power Up with SQL Server EMEA will run from 11am to 4pm CET/10am to 3pm GMT. For the full agenda and no-cost registration see the Power Up with SQL Server EMEA website.

For details about solution-provider sponsorship/speaker opportunities at Power Up with SQL Server EMEA, contact show director Kirsty Deane via email or by 'phone on +44 (0)161 929 2800.

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