QLogic's FabricCache: Database Industry's First Caching SAN Adapter

QLogic's FabricCache: Database Industry's First Caching SAN Adapter

QLogic has released its QLogic FabricCache 10000 Series adapter, which combines QLogic's Fibre Channel adapter, intelligent caching, and I/O management with connectivity to a server-based PCIe flash card. Furthermore, FabricCache makes it simple to deploy, manage, and transform single-server, captive cache into shared and performance enhancing resource for several different applications that depend on SAN storage.

Clustered and highly virtualized servers are undoubtedly gaining traction in today's data centers, which in turn presents DBAs with several different challenges regarding performance. FabricCache leverages server-based caching to enhance enterprise application acceleration by transparently pooling individual server caches across multiple physical servers. In addition, all servers that are equipped with FabricCache adapters access, share, and utilize the combined cache of all FabricCache adapters in a cluster. This method provides DBAs with scalable performance for demanding mission-critical applications in the data center to lower latency and increasing throughput for clustered and virtualized applications.

Visit QLogic's website to learn more about this adapter. For more information on SAN storage, see the SQL Server Pro articles "Are You a SAN Fan?" and "Selecting a Storage Array for a SAN."

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