Q: The remote OS trying to connect to SQL Server Analysis Services is failing—what can I do?

A: This is most likely a firewall issue.

First check that SQL Server Analysis Services is installed and running, which can be confirmed by running SQL Server Configuration Manager.

Under SQL Server Services, you should see SQL Server Analysis Services and its state should be running, which Figure 1 below shows.


If SQL Server Analysis Services is running, then you need to make sure the TCP firewall exception is enabled. This isn’t automatically enabled by the SQL Server installation process.

Here’s how to check that it’s enabled:
1. Start the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security application from the Administrative Tools folder.
2. Select Inbound Rules.
3. Select the New Rule action.
4. Select Port rule type and click Next.
5. Set the rule to type TCP, then select specific port and set to 2383, and click Next
6. Select Allow the connection option and click Next.
7. Select the profiles to apply, such as Domain, and click Next.
8. Enter a name for the rule and click Finish.

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