ProClarity to Enhance Quark’s Mirim

Quark is integrating Knosys' ProClarity Analytical Platform capabilities with Mirim, Quark’s new merchandising and marketing analysis product. Mirim--a powerful, easy-to-use statistical analysis tool for direct-marketing professionals--offers automatic calculations of key business metrics, such as performance per square inch, response curve analysis, product category analysis, price point analysis, and product contribution. Mirim combines data from a company’s existing order management system with digital images from QuarkXPress layouts and data from its e-commerce system. "Quark is effectively setting the standard in the industry by offering customers specialized and powerful products with best-in-class analytical functionality to solve specific business problems," says Bob Lokken, Knosys president and CEO. ProClarity lets users view and analyze historical data multidimensionally in an ad hoc environment, which provides cross-promotion and trend analysis. With this information, merchandisers, marketing professionals, and executives can make timely and well-informed decisions that enhance their companies' productivity and profitability. Knosys designed the ProClarity Analytical Platform specifically for use with SQL Server 7.0 OLAP Services. "We’re fueling our customers’ success by supplying them with the best tools to measure business results," says Linda Chase, Quark catalog publishing group’s director of product management. "We want to give our customers a tool that is flexible and that integrates with popular spreadsheet applications."

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