PASS BoD Community Challenge

Hi everyone,

Someone on the marketing team of PASS cooked up the idea that each member of the board of directors (BoD) should have a special URL for their email signature about the upcoming PASS Community Summit in Seattle this November (  Isn't that tricky how I put my own URL there?  I'm clever that way.  LOL!

Well, I'm not exactly sure what happens to the director who gets the most referrals.  But I thought I'd list them all here in case you know any of them personally.  Please give a friend a hand and click on the URL of a director you know if you're interested in learning more about the PASS Community Summit.  Enjoy!



Kevin Kline:

Joe Webb:

Wayne Snyder:

Guy Brown:

Randy Dyess:

Bill Graziano:

Rick Heiges:

Christoph Stotz:

Rushabh Mehta:

Paul Nielsen:

John Stoiber:

Val Fontama:

Haydn Richardson:

Andrea Schneider:

Neil Buchwalter:

Richard Bolesta:

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