An Outstanding Training Opportunity

How large is your brain? I hope it has plenty of room left for an outstanding training opportunity. Microsoft recently released the Technology Week Conference in DVD-ROM format. This DVD-ROM package includes the audio and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations from the San Diego Technology Week conference that Microsoft hosted for Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) last September. The conference ramped up the MCT community to deliver Microsoft's newest courses.

The down side to this offer is that the resource is available only to folks who hold an active Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), MCT, Authorized Academic Training Provider (AATP), Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center (Microsoft CTEC), or Microsoft Certified Partner certificate in the United States. You have to log in to a secure site and enter your authorized credentials to purchase the DVD-ROM package.

To be honest, I don't know of any training resource that comes close to matching the bang for the buck you'll get with the Technology Week package. What if you aren't an MCP, you ask? Keeping true to our recent theme of training for the newbie, I plan to discuss the value of MCP certification in an upcoming column. For now, the training DVD-ROM is a good example of why membership has its privileges.

The DVD-ROM package includes content from more than 100 Technology Week sessions, as well as the online versions of 29 Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) Trainer Kits. The PowerPoint presentations are great, but the online versions of the MOC Trainer Kits—which include the same material MCTs use to teach classes at Microsoft Certified Education Centers—are absolutely invaluable from a training perspective. Run (don't walk) to buy this DVD-ROM package—truly an outstanding training resource.

You can order the DVD-ROM package from Microsoft's Web site for $399. You can also place international orders; Microsoft will pay all the value-added taxes (VATs) and duties. The DVD-ROM page is protected until you log in to the MCP site with your MCP credentials. You can log on to the site at

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