Onyx Software Sets Scalability Record

Onyx Software Corporation announced record-setting benchmark results for Onyx Front Office 2000 running on Microsoft Windows 2000, and SQL Server 7.0 Enterprise Edition. The benchmark analysis, performed in the Microsoft Premier Support for Developers Lab, achieved subsecond user response times for more than 30,000 concurrent users on a single four-processor server. "Onyx’s software running on the Microsoft platform offers scalability and price-performance that far exceeds any other product offering that has undergone similar testing in the Microsoft labs," says Brent Frei, Onyx Software president and CEO. "This benchmark is a 50 percent increase over the next closest benchmark, and it was done on a machine 50 percent less powerful." The test included simultaneous use of various client interfaces, representing sales people, customer service representatives, and marketing personnel interacting with the server. Test products included Onyx Employee Portal, Onyx Customer Portal, and Onyx Customer Center. To ensure that the benchmark methodology represented the way organizations use customer-centric e-business systems, the benchmark methodology used business transaction scenarios created from more than 6 months of client-use analysis.

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