[email protected] and WhiteLight Systems signed a licensing agreement that will permit WhiteLight to re-brand [email protected]’s Excel add-in as WhiteLight Excel Add-In, allowing users to analyze WhiteLight models interactively and generate reports via the Microsoft Excel 97 and Microsoft Excel 2000 interfaces. “WhiteLight Excel Add-In brings analysis processing to the front lines of business operations by utilizing recognized and proven applications, such as Microsoft Excel,” says Robert Moran, the Aberdeen Group’s vice president of decision support research. “[email protected]’s strategy of embedding OLAP analysis and reporting capabilities into industry-standard Office applications … represents a logical and necessary step for business.” The seamless integration of these products and services allows the new add-in to deliver advanced OLAP features, such as ad-hoc query and analysis, report distribution, and template sharing. “WhiteLight Excel Add-In has the ability to generate reports, tables, and charts that can be embedded in other Microsoft Office applications, including PowerPoint, Outlook, and Word,” says Robert Lendvai, [email protected] marketing vice president.

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