OEM Agreement to Integrate Microtest OMNIScanner

OEM Agreement to Integrate Microtest OMNIScanner Cable and network testing product provider Microtest and large-scale network cabling test-bench station supplier DCM Industries signed an OEM agreement, allowing DCM to integrate Microtest OMNIScanner technology into its test systems for factory environment use. The agreement is the first OEM agreement for cable testing technology. “Leveraging OMNIScanner technology into new markets shows the strength of our cable testing products,” says David Coffin, Microtest’s network test and measurement division’s vice president and general manager. When compared with network analyzers, OMNIScanner is comparable or better with respect to accuracy and is faster for testing twisted pair cabling and LAN connectors, according to Coffin. “DCM recognizes this and is using the OMNIScanner in place of slower and more expensive network analyzer equipment.” Microtest has developed specific companion software for the OMNIScanner that allows cable manufacturers and OEM partners to access the OMNIScanner’s all-digital, high-resolution vector measurement system. Partners can integrate OMNIScanners directly into their factory and laboratory testing processes.

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