NEW WORLD APPS Joins Growing International ASP Industry Consortium

NEW WORLD APPS, an Internet management service provider, has joined the Application Service Provider (ASP) Industry Consortium, an international advocacy group formed to promote the application service provider industry by educating the marketplace, developing common definitions for the industry, serving as a forum for discussion, sponsoring research, and supporting adoption of the ASP model on a global basis. The ASP Industry has grown from 25 members in 1999 to 500 members in 21 countries. NEW WORLD APPS pioneered The Internet Leveraged Cluster, launched in Spring 2000, a high-availability, high-performance cluster of servers that can host and administer an enterprise software application for 100 or more distinct end-user corporations at the same time. It delivers to each end-user corporation data integrity, system security, and fault tolerance. “Cost savings is the primary driver of ASP purchases today,” said John Streeten, Chief Executive Officer of NEW WORLD APPS, Inc., “Our Leveraged Clusters are leading the ASP industry to a new cost model by putting ‘average sales price’ (asp) back into the ASP industry.” Computer industry analysts anticipate rapid growth and multi-billion-dollar annual sales for the ASP market in the next few years, despite being a fairly new market. You can find additional information on the ASP Industry Consortium at

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